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Remember, as goes the Sunday School, so goes the church! Be sure to provide training for your teachers and workers in readiness for the new year!

As Goes the Sunday School, So Goes the Church!
Make a Commitment to Grow!

Sunday School Growth requires taking the Long View!
Making a Commitment to Grow requires the intentional, interventional leadership of the pastor with the enthusiastic support and partnership of the church leadership team.
Sunday School growth requires effective leaders who plan thoroughly and keep people informed.
Making a commitment to grow requires dynamic leadership of a dedicated, faithful, trained and "out-front" Sunday School Director who values building an effective Bible teaching-reaching leadership team.

Effective Class Outreach Leaders are essential!
Sunday School growth is facilitated by the weekly work of class outreach leaders who maintain an up-to-date prospect file, make weekly assignments, and expect written visitation-contact reports every week.

A commitment to Sunday School growth results in ongoing "positive church talk."
When a church is committed to reach new people and its members are excited about inviting others, everywhere members go they talk positively about their church, their staff, their Bible study program, and their fellow members and leaders.

Growing Sunday Schools are "others-focused" instead of "inwardly centered."

Sunday School growth can be stymied and grind to a halt if members or leaders focus inward rather than outward. Sunday School classes need to be "open" groups where newcomers are genuinely welcomed, made to feel wanted, and assimilated into the group. Focus on "Our Wants" should be replaced by "Their Needs." 

Growing Sunday Schools refuse to be limited either by time or place.

Growing Sunday Schools are alert to opportunities to create new units, both inside the church building and in locations across the community.  Nor is time of day or day of week a limiting factor.  While Sunday morning may continue to be the primary Bible study time in many churches, new Bible study groups can be started any day of the week to meet at any time of day or night, to meet in various places such as private homes, apartment club rooms, or restaurants.




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