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  Sunday School Teacher Self Evaluation Form 


How Well Am I Doing in Fulfilling My Calling to Service?

A Sunday School Worker’s Self-Evaluation Tool

      The Scripture says: “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15.

     This form is an idea for helping a Sunday School worker celebrate again the marvelous calling to service, to recall progress toward dreams and goals, and to project actions for future self-improvement. Feel free to adapt this tool to your needs and to add additional ideas.


 Celebrating God’s Call to Me for Service!

 Renewing my sense of call to service. (Write a brief account of how you felt God’s call to service of teaching, leading, or ministering.)  __________________________________________________________________________






Giving thanks for God’s leadership and blessing.

  (In what way has God blessed you thus far in this place of service? That blessing might have come through the affirmation of your pastor, other Sunday School workers, or members.)







Recalling Progress toward Dreams and Goals! What two or three things did you want to accomplish this year?  What progress have you made in accomplishing those dreams?

My dreams and goals

My progress

















Consider using the scale below for self-evaluation of several important leadership factors.

Put a check mark in the square that represents your self-assessment.

bulletCheck #1 if you feel you have not really done very well at all.
bulletCheck #2 if you feel your work this year has been passable but mediocre.
bulletCheck #3 if you feel your ministry has been okay, not bad, but nothing really special either.
bulletCheck #4 if you feel your work has been pretty good, you’ve worked hard and you are seeing results.
bulletCheck #5 if you feel you’ve done your very best.

Leadership Factor






Prayer: I am consistent with daily devotions and prayer; I pray for my members and leaders regularly.







Preparation: I begin preparation early and am always ready to guide interesting and life-changing study experiences.







Perceptions - Awareness of members’ differences: I am alert to my members’ needs, select methods to address those needs, and  include in my lesson plans activities that will appeal to all three learning styles (auditory, visual, experiential)






Performance - Guiding transformational learning: I teach and lead in ways that move my pupils from where they are toward their potential in Christ.






Communication: I establish and maintain regular, cultivative ministry contact with my ministry people. I phone or write, and especially contact people on birthdays and special occasions.






Growth and Learning: I attended a worker training event and/or read a book or viewed a tape about my area of service. I try to be open to new ideas and more effective ways of teaching and working.






(Another factor you think of…)









Projecting actions for self-improvement in the months ahead. 

Areas in which I want to grow/improve

Ideas to try. Actions to take. “I will . . . “













A Sunday School Workers’ self-evaluation tool prepared by Robert Stewart, Sunday School and Church Growth Consultant/Coach. For more Sunday School helps email  Web page:  




Characteristics needed in Sunday School leaders: "Thanks be to God for Church Leaders Who ..."



























































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