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Sunday School Teachers' Appreciation, Dessert Fellowship

     Have you said, "Thank you!" to your Sunday School workers lately? Consider a Sunday night dessert fellowship for your teachers and workers.  A church in Apex, North Carolina shares this idea.

     Provide favorite desserts. Make the program brief.  Provide a treat bag for each worker containing items that illustrate your appreciation for your Sunday School team. The poem below was taped to a 5" x 11" blue cello bag, the bag filled with favors illustrating key words in the poem, and the bag was tied at the top with red, white and blue curly ribbon  (Summer Olympics this year!) The bags were placed down the center of the tables to add to the decorations and festive atmosphere. Theme for the event was, "Connecting - Jesus - Others - You."

----- (possible poem attached to treat bags) -----

     The brief program for the Teacher-Worker dessert fellowship might include:
bulletPastor, staff ministers, and general officers as greeters at the doors as workers arrive.
bulletEnjoy an assortment of pies, cakes and pastries.
bulletWelcome and remarks of appreciation by the Sunday School Director.
bulletMinister of Education/staff minister reads appreciation poem and elaborates as appropriate.
bulletChurch Outreach Director distributes appreciation certificates and/or makes special recognitions (a teacher with many years of service; classes with outstanding outreach efforts, etc).
bulletPastor's closing remarks and prayer.

Dear Teachers: 

You are a team of champions (stars)! There’s no doubt this is true. You’re connecting with a heart for God; It shows in what you do.

You are a magnetic team; There’s no doubt this is true. You’re working EXTRA hard, And we are EXTRA proud of you!

You’ve become fishers of men; There’s no doubt this is true. Punching holes in darkness, making light; Yes, you’re a wonderful crew.

For many, you are life savers; There’s no doubt this is true. You’re the best in the Milky Way; Your dedication to Bible teaching is the clue.

You pen your preparation each week as champions; There’s no doubt this is true. You’re connecting with a heart for God; It shows in what you do!

        -Poem by Jo Ellen Stewart



Items for the treat bag may include:

bulletStar candy or "gold-wrapped" chocolate medals.
bulletLarge paper clips or other "connectors."
bulletA clip with a refrigerator magnet attached to the back.  Strips of magnetic tape can be cut into 1/2 inch pieces.
bulletA pack of EXTRA chewing gum.
bulletA small zip-lock bag with 25-30 "fish" crackers.
bulletA votive candle and small pack of matches.
bulletA Milky Way candy bar.
bulletA small pack of Lifesavers or several individually wrapped Lifesavers.
bulletA ball point pen.





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